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  • 5% Cash back on all hotel bookings
  • 110,000 hotels worldwide – All hotel Chains and Independent hotels
  • Spend 4 nights in NY, Chicago, San Francisco, etc., - Spend $800.00 get $40.00 back.
  • A business traveler can earn over $1,500 annually extra*

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Welcome to A membership travel agency were members get paid for the work they do as their own travel agents. Hotels pay all travel agencies a 10% commission on the entire stays room revenue when booking any published room rate and thus our members receive half of the commission received.  

Why provide other online travel agencies (OTAs) with your rewards, when you do all the work. Other OTAs earn their money by keeping the commission or negotiating a lower price but still charging the travelers the regular price that you will find on the hotels websites.

In addition, by making your bookings via, you will be entitled to receive the benefits from your current hotel loyalty membership. 

Members get rewarded with half (50%) of the collected travel agency commission, which is typically 10% of the total rooms revenue spend at any hotel worldwide.  Hotels pay commission on all public room rates, not applicable on corporate negotiated or non-published rate.   As in example, member books a hotel room in New York City for 3 nights at a rate of $250.00, the total room revenue would equal $750.00.  The hotel pays the travel agency $75.00 or 10% commission.  Member receives 50% of the travel agency commission or $37.50.

Members can redeem their earned rewards via PayPal, Gift Cards, checks or direct deposit (where available)

Registering as a member allows you to have all your travel information in one area and never having to fill out the tedious forms to make hotel reservations.

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